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Thee Gaines – Realtor

“Building Generational Wealth One Real Property At A Time”

_ Thee Gaines


Thee Gaines, is a licensed REALTOR in both Tennessee & Georgia. He currently resides in the areas of Greater Nashville and Atlanta, and knows them both like the back of my hand. Never worry with his team he can work in two places at once.

Giving you his best advice with over a decade of experience, Thee uniquely tailors each buyers experience to consider all their needs and wants when searching for homes. He then helps you to narrow down your choices and submit a strong offer, tailoring each one to win a specific home.

Acceptance of the offer is where many agents would stop, but Thee goes beyond that and is with you until the end. Even after the buyer agent relationship is over, you can call him anytime for advise on just about anything.

Let Thee Gaines and his Team work for you.

The Listing Process

Thee knows that selling a home can be confusing and tiring when trying to figure out where to start.

1. Find Yourself a Realtor

With a decade of experience as a listing agent of a variety of homes to include all traditional sales, foreclosure sales, and short-sales, Thee GAINES is the only REALTOR for you and your family.

1. Staging The Home

Staging your home can be be as simple as a fresh coat of paint, removing a few portraits and nicknacks, and moving some furniture around or out of the main house into the garage or a storage unit.

2. Get Experts Market Analysis

An agent who really knows the valuation your home is very important. It not just about price per square foot, yet is also about features that make your home stand out from the rest.

5. Place home active on the market

After completing all the previous steps, It’s time to take pictures and go live on the Market. This includes placing your home on all home buying search engines, starting with the local MLS. Offers start to roll in.

3. Repairs and Upgrades

Sometimes it is important to make sure that you have just the right upgrades and repairs to get top dollar for your home. Listen to your REALTOR, don’t over do it, and you will come out on top.

6. Accept offer and Close

Once you accept an offer, we go through the home inspection and mutually agree on home repairs and Close. You then get equity in your home and pass the keys to another family who can now enjoy your previous home.

The Home Buying Process

Thee knows that buying a home can be scary and frustrating, but do not worry, he is here to guide you step-by-step.

1. Find Yourself a Realtor

Thee Gaines is definitely the one for you. With a decade of commitment to homeownership and extensive knowledge of the area, he is a REALTOR who cares, and will be always be there.

1. Make a List of Wants

Making a list of Wants are great, just make sure that you take a look at the market when doing so, so that they stay within your budget.

2. Work with a Loan Officer

Not all Loan Officers are the same. Some are in it just for the money, others are in it to see you succeed. Working with a knowledgeable Loan Officer in the Local Area, you can do nothing but win.

5. Submit a Strong Offer

Submitting your highest and best is the best way to play this game. Submitting a low ball offer will get you nothing but disappointment. It’s always good to have a little extra cash, but call me today for 100% financing.

3. Make a list of Need and Wants

It is important to make sure you focus on needs first, we want you to be happy with your purchase and how it works for you and your family. Wants are important, so we need them too.

6. Close and Move In

Closing Day is alway a big day. It’s the day you sign millions of papers and get the keys to your New Home. It a day to celebrate, you completed the process. On to the next Home soon.


What People Are Saying

“Thee is an Awesome REALTOR.

He is very hands on, knowledgeable, and definitely cares about his client’s best interest. H went above and beyond for me, and I would definitely recommend him to others!” Thee is one of the best Realtors we ever had. He kept us focused on the task at hand. He also would fight for us, We would always win.


Thee worked had to get my house sold quickly so that I could retire to my beach home and retire to the Gulf Coast.

Doreen S.

Thee was extremely helpful, open, transparent, and reliable through the whole process of buying a new home and selling our previous one. He really cared about us and understood our needs from the very first open house , location, schools, etc. He went above and beyond our expectations. We are very appreciative to have Thee as our realtor.

Latoya J.


Market updates

  • Concierge Service
    In 1st Quarter 2022 Thee Gaines partnered with one of the top Construction Companies to offer More services for his Buyers and his Investors. Wanna sell but do not have the cash to make repairs or investing but can find money to update, look no further. The now has the ability to get the workContinue reading “Concierge Service”
  • Home Prices 2021
    Did you know that home prices in 2021 are expected to increase by 170% from the price of homes last year.
Thee Gaines 
Residential and Commercial Realtor
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